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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mobile Phone Deals: A Complete Package of Entertainment

by Martin Dev

The real power of mobile devices is yet to be seen. A number of mobile phone deals companies are fighting tooth and nail to bring out some innovative features in the handsets. In fact, all the companies are focusing on the research works to bring the value added features in the latest phones. The current market expansion has led to the arrival of many new players in the industry. All these developments have contributed to the production of some really smart and high-tech devices.

The mobile phone deals are becoming smarter and sophisticated with time. One can find 3G phones, camera handsets, music mobile devices and Windows mobiles these days. Now, mobiles are not only a medium of communication but also the source of entertainment. The prominent brands in the industry are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc., and they are bringing some stunning models of handsets. Currently, Nokia is the market leader with 40% market share and it is having its presence in almost all parts of the world.

The innovative handsets have brought the revolution in the industry. These cater to the evolving communication needs of the mobile lovers. The current growth of internet in these devices has also contributed to the success of the modern handsets. People wanted to access internet on their phones and the concerned companies identified this opportunity. They have brought the required features in the devices which are required for fast internet access. High speeds, wide screens, attractive interface and powerful sound output enable users to get the wonderful web browsing experience.

Nokia has recently produced many phones under its N-series, E-series and D-series recently. These handsets are based on 3G technology that lets users to experience all the latest facilities. Nokia N92, N95 and N98 are the handsets that have lured the mobile lovers worldwide. Some of the unique features in the latest mobile phones are video calling, push-to-talk, maps, navigation facility and hassle free access to internet. Video conferencing facilities give users the opportunity to see their friends or colleagues. They can also share jokes with them and see each other laughing.

The Walkman series phones presented by Sony Ericsson have brought a revolution in the music industry. The W850i, W900i and K580i are the handsets which are equipped with powerful music players. These produce the sound quality similar to an iPod. The camera features also have improved in the recent times. Users can find a 7.2 mega pixel camera in some of the handsets which are coming these days. This capability of a camera can provide the digital quality pictures and videos. MotoRazr phones produced by Motorola are also having high resolution cameras.

A number of online websites are offering upcoming mobile phones deals these days. One can find various attractive deals such as contract mobile phone deals, cheap pay as you go mobile phones handset deals, cash back offers and many others. These portals are specific to the needs of mobile lovers and they provide all the details of latest handsets. The multimedia capabilities have attracted teenagers as well as youths. Now, there is no need of carrying camera, music player or a diary each time one ventures out. All these are available in the mobile devices and one can easily use these anytime.

Integrated GPS capabilities have also brought innovative functions in the latest mobile phones. Now, transferring data through phones is not a difficult task. Bluetooth compatibility, infrared availability and USB ports are capable to provide fast data transmission facility. Today, the internal memory space has been expanded exponentially. Nokia N95 8GB phone is equipped with a mammoth space of 8 GB which lets users to store a huge amount of data in the mobile device. As far as beauty part of the handsets is concerned, the LG phones are ruling the roost. LG Viewty and the KG920 models have attracted everyone. Nokia Prism and the N92 are the other models which have scored well in this arena.

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