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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Need to Back-up Your Data

By CA Rose

On everyone's computer there is data that we don't want to lose. The odds are that you certainly have very important information on your computer too. Therefore, the need to back-up your data is very real. Here's why:

Hard drives fail every single day. The question isn't whether your hard drive will fail but rather when it will fail. As surely as every person will die, every hard drive will die too. And their life expectancy isn't long at all.

Some hard drives die a slow death. Slowly they accumulate bad clusters that make more and more of the hard drive unusable. Other times they just die out of the blue. And if you didn't see the need to back-up your data and you didn't do it, then all that information is lost forever. You will never, ever get it back.

There are any number of reasons why a hard drive will suddenly fail. Sometimes it's due to a flaw in the way it was made and sometimes it's because something from the outside has caused it to fail. Two of the most common causes for a hard drive suddenly failing are viruses and power surges.

So that you don't ever lose valuable information, you need to back-up your data right away. You can either back-up your data with remote data back-up software or you can back it up on your own disks. However, if you choose to back-up it up on disks than you need to be aware that over time disks will fail too and you may not be able to access the backed-up information when you need it.

The need to back-up your data is very real. Every day hard drives fail and every day people lose valuable information. It is gone forever and there's nothing that can be done to get it back. Don't let this happen to you. Back-up your data as soon as you possibly can.

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