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Monday, March 31, 2008

Advantages of email faxing services

by Phil

With the rapid growth of Internet users worldwide, Email fax has become one of the latest technologies that change how people connect to each other.

By implementing Email faxing software, users can turn hardcopy documents into Email attachment or vise versa, receive hardcopy fax in Email format. The appearance of Email faxing reduces the faxing cost greatly and provides a powerful alternative for those that cannot afford a faxing machine. Also, one of the best features that internet faxing has is that the technology offers high mobility for those who need faxing while on the move. Internet faxing service does not mandate your presence at your work station or waiting endlessly near the fax machine waiting for that all important fax documents to come across from an important client. Faxes can be transmitted to and from any part of the world, the only requirements being a computer with an internet connection.

For those who wish to know more about the benefits of Internet faxing, here're the major advantages with sending fax online.

Cheaper faxing cost

The initial investment one has to put in to sign up for this service is very minimal compared to the amount of money one has to spend in having a fax machine installed. Not only there is the cost of the machine but since the fax machine prints the document on paper, there is also the cost of an additional phone line, paper and toner costs.

Internet faxing saves you a lot of money in the long run as well. One can sign up for the service for anywhere from $20 to $ 5 per month, depending on their usage requirements.

Convenience and mobility

As said, email fax is made for those who have faxing needs while they are on the move.

There are only two pre requisites for the internet fax service to work:  one is a computer and the other one is a working internet connection. Most of the fax services being web based gives a person the freedom of receiving faxes anywhere in the world; be it your bedroom at home, your work station at office or even your own laptop computer. The invention of Internet faxing is sort of a blessing in disguise for the professional who is always on the move, like sales agents, medical personnel, and real estate developers to name a few.

Suitable for all business levels

Whether it is a one room office in a deserted building or a multi storey building with a host of offices operating out of it; Internet faxing services is compatible with any scale of business. Larger faxing needs may translate into more discounts from your service providers. This by itself can save you a hefty sum of money in addition to meeting ones faxing needs.

Cost effectiveness is another key factor that remains the attraction of Internet faxing. Since the service makes use of the internet in order to have faxes sent and received, all that one has to do is sign up for the service. This can be done with a good service provider on a monthly or yearly basis. Plus you get to enjoy the many different schemes and discounts that the service providers have to offer at the time of purchase and later on as well.

One can also choose to open an online account with the online service provider. Once this facility has become a part of your deal, all that you need to do is log in to the account every time a fax needs to be sent or to check if any important faxes were received. An added advantage of this feature is that one can keep track of all sent and received faxes. As these faxes are usually sent as email attachments that entire one need to do is not hit the delete button, and the fax will be stored in your inbox for as long as you please. This saves up on a lot of storage space and also makes the faxes easier to sort and keep track of.

Service providers also provide attractive offers and package deals and most of them are designed to suit the corporate needs. Plus you also have the option of personalizing your package schemes, sometimes at no extra cost even. Thus internet faxing has become a necessity and not an option in the tech-savvy world today.

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Article by Phil


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