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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Tricks to Fix Rundll Error With a Few Clicks

Nowadays, with the development of a vast variety of applications, the operating systems also need to update themselves in order to cope with the technology that is used in these latest applications. But most people do not care to update their operating systems and as a result of this they keep on experiencing those pop up windows which keep warning the user about the rundll32 error in the operating system. It is very easy to fix rundll error that pops up on a person's screen while working on their computer.

Rundll is a very critical process which the operating system runs on a person's computer to maintain constant speed and working efficiency of the computer. It is file with an extension ".dll" which is stored in the registry of the windows operating system. The windows registry is like the index of all the applications installed on the system and without being entered into the registry, an application cannot work properly in the windows operating system. When a new application is installed, its value is entered in the registry so that the windows can know of the existence of the application and the user will able to run it properly.

When an application, is uninstalled from the computer, it automatically gets deleted from the registry itself. But, an application can get corrupt while residing in the hard disk of a computer and when it is uninstalled from the computer, its value is not updated from the registry hence slowing down the system and forcing the system to pop a rundll error message on the screen. So, to fix rundll error, there is hundreds of registry cleaning software available on the internet which a person can use to clean unwanted keys in the registry. The cleaned registry solves the rundll error problem in most cases.

In the registry cleaner review we found that Registry Easy is the best registry cleaner for fixing the RUNDLL error.

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