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Monday, August 3, 2009

Communicating With Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay

By Edward Kozadaev
For those who are newer to the gaming world or who are seeking to make their experience even richer, Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay are programs you need to understand. Within the gaming world is a vast network of players, all with the same goal as you - to defeat another person or a game itself. But while you might all be sharing a virtual world, this does not mean you can not also interact within that world. Some gaming programs do include chats, but these often cause more troubles than they are worth - and that's why Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay are so exciting.
Why Talk During a Game?
Talking during a game seems like it might be disruptive, but during some games, you might have some downtime or you might be waiting for others to show up.  In these cases, why not have the ability to talk to others who are in the same space as you?  You can help each other out with strategy, for example.  Or if you are fighting against others in the worlds with you, then you can tease and taunt the other players to see if that gives you the edge you need to defeat them.  In other cases, you might be playing with friends around the world, though on the same team, so communicating amongst yourself is important to keep the game going as well as to help everyone work as a team.
High Quality Interaction without Interruption
But the trick with most online communication is that it can interrupt the other activities on your computer - not a good thing. With Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay, you can easily continue doing other tasks as needed, so you don't have to compromise on communication quality and computer use. You will still be able to talk in real time with others while still doing work or other actions you need to do during the game time. Check your email and search online for things you need - you can still do it all with these game communication options.
Meet Other Gamers
Sometimes the world of gaming can be a lonely one, so you might want to meet others who are playing near you virtually. With Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay, you can begin to chat with others to see who they are and what they like in the gaming world. Some lifelong friendships have begun with chats during a gaming experience.  And you might also be able to recruit new teams or members to help you with a game goal you may have in sight.  Just simply greetings can also keep you on friendly terms with others, and that can help you as you navigate the gaming landscape - better to have allies than enemies, after all.
With Ventrilo Overlay and Teamspeak Overlay, you don't have to be alone in your gaming world anymore. Chat online with this VoIP technology and you will find that you're not only surrounded by friends, but also by people who truly do exist outside of the game.
Edward Kozadaev,
Ventrilo & Teamspeak Overlay

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