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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Samsung's Touch of Color LCD Flat Screen TV

By Redford Whitten

Have you ever heard of the Touch of Color LCD TV? Is it just a promotion, a new invention, a trend-setting technique or just a smart advertisement? It could probably a combination of all of these.

Manufacturers are now challenged on how they can increase their sales on LCD TVs. LCD TVs has become very popular in the market, many brands are popping up and the competition is on the rise. Samsung has come up with a solution to win the battle for LCD TV market share - the Touch of Color LCD flat screen TVs.

Samsung has indeed made a big success with their Touch of Color LCD flat screen TV. The design and features is a big hit to consumers. Touch of Color LCD Television has an artistic design blending a bit of amber color to their piano black bezels which made it appear flat, slim and stylish. Because of the popularity of this television, it implies that consumers are also concern that their television should look attractive even when it is not turned on. They would love their television to be a piece of art that is in harmony with any décor. It is expected then, that other manufacturers would follow the trend set by Samsung and they would come up with their own classy and distinctive designs in the future.

So what exactly is Touch of Color? It is basically a design feature for to the external part of the television. It is just like any other TV which you would not appreciate it will not operate well when turned on. But of course, Samsung would not fail on this area either. The only difference is the unique and stylish appearance.

To provide an ultimate high quality picture, Samsung's Touch of Color LCD TV provides full 1080p resolution. It creates the most perfect picture that you can imagine which is the real essence of high definition TVs. This is far better compared to conventional television.

Samsung offers this technology called Auto Motion Plus. With this technology, Samsung can offer a response time of 4ms and a frame rate of 120hz because it doubles the frame rate from 60 hz to 120 hz. The television can have a precise transition between the frames. Compare to the early versions of LCD TVs, Samsung's Touch of Color TVs is capable of handling motions very well. This makes it great for shows with actions in fast moving state like Sports and Action movies.

Another feature of the Touch of Color TV is the contrast ratio of 50,000:1 which is considered to be a great improvement compared to the last year's model with 25:000:1 contrast ratio. Contrast ratio is a very important feature of television, it measures the capability of the TV to generate dark blacks and bright whites. That means, if the contrast ration is higher, it will aid in avoiding dull or pale images which is reflected on televisions with lower contrast ratio.

Another great feature of their latest model this year is the InfoLink. It allows access to various free feeds like RSS news, sports, stocks and weather via its integrated Ethernet port.

Although, Samsung's Touch of Color is not really a new invention, we could say that it has attracted most consumers and it could start a trend of having a television set which at the same time can be considered an artistic décor in one's room even when it is not turned on. Samsung's Touch of Color LCD flat screen TV gives a real value to your money with all its amazing features -- high definition images, attractive and stylish design.

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Michelle said...

I've recently brought a Samsung 50" TV and I'm very happy with it. Managed to get it in the comet sale for a cut of the normal retail price so I can't complain.

I started off with a 15" LCD and you know how it is, you get to the stage where you think "I want something bigger" So the inches soon increased!

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