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Monday, October 27, 2008

Benefits of Noise Canceling Headphones

A lot of people have heard of noise canceling earphones, but they do not really know what they do or why people made them in the first place. When you think about it, people do not know if they cancel noise from coming in while you are listening to your music or if it stops people from being able to hear your music while you are listening to your earphones. Today we are going to go into more detail about what these kind of earphones really are and if they are worth getting. We all know that they are in high demand right now, but are they worth it?

First of all, the noise canceling headphones reduce what is called unwanted ambient sounds. This is what some people would also call acoustic noise. They do this by way of ANC. To put in other terms, they do this by active noise control. So how does this ANC work? Well, pretty much, this is done by placing a microphone near the ear and then using electronic circuitry to generate what people call an anti-noise sound wave. The opposite polarity of the sound wave that is made arrives at the microphone. Pretty much, what this results in is a destructive interference (what gives you your noise canceling ability). In turn, it actually cancels out the noise within the enclosed headphone. In a nut shell, you are able to enjoy your music without having to increase the volume up very loud or, as some may call, unnecessarily. People who are riding around you will not be able to hear the music at all.

These kinds of noise canceling headphones have, pretty much, three benefits. They have these benefits, because they use a very low frequency to keep out some portions of the noise, while using other methods, like ear cups, to keep out the other positions of the noise. The benefits of this is that the demand in such a product of a high electronic circuitry is greatly reduced. Not only that, but because of the shorter wavelengths of the high frequency sound, to cancel all of the wavelengths that are coming to the ear, you would have to have a waveform that would actually be adjacent to the eardrum. This, of course, is a very impractical situation. Last, but not least, it also has an effective passive isolation from rising frequency. So what does all that mean? It means that you are able to enjoy your music at a reasonable level without making other people have to listen to it as well.

These kinds of headphones are everywhere now-a-days. You can find them for top dollar prices, and you can find them at lower prices. The point being, no matter what price you get them at, you are getting the same kind of technology. Most people did not know that all of that work and technology went into make these kinds of earphones. People use to think that the ear cups did all of the cancellation of the noise, but really, there are more things at work than you know.

Kelly Hunter owns and operates and writes about Noise Cancelling Earphones.

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