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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Portable Point of Sale - A How-To Guide

These days you don't have to be stationary in order to set up any sort of a computer kiosk for point of sale applications or just simply an information post. This easy guide will talk about different ways you can have a portable kiosk that can even take orders over the internet.

The first tool to any good kiosk is a touch screen monitor. If you're looking for a good 15-inch touch screen monitor, you're probably going to be buying in the price range of about $350-$450. Try to find one that was built for the purposes of a kiosk. Features of such touch screen monitors include an adjustable mount that comes included, and a built-in cable organizer. These features will make your kiosk definitely look professional. These monitors will need a power supply to plug in, a display signal source (such as VGA or DVI from your computer), and a USB source (also from your computer). The software for your POS display should be included in your kit.

Another thing that will make your kiosk portable is a 3G router. These routers are designed to work with a data card that you get from a cell phone provider. If your provider (such as Sprint or Verizon) offers an unlimited data plan, they will probably give you a data card or air card in the form of an expresscard, PCMCIA card, or USB dongle. These cards use a signal that comes off of cell phone towers that allow you to access the internet from anywhere. These 3G signals allow you to use an Internet connection that works faster than DSL speeds. Once your POS kiosk is set up, you will have the same abilities to sell products or access information from anywhere as you would if the kiosk were set up in a stationary area.

This router will probably run you in the $300 range. Combining these items with a computer for another $400-$800, you could have a fully functioning portable kiosk for as little as $1000 with full anywhere internet capabilities.

Cameron Postelwait works as a content developer for Sewell Direct, proud retailers of touchscreen monitors, and the Kyocera KR2 router for 3G networks.

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