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Monday, April 28, 2008

A380i - A Sharp Mobile Phone From CECT That Puts The iPhone To Shame

By Rae Edwards

The CECT A380i is a much anticipated iPhone clone that not only has very convincingly copied the iPhone, but made major and appreciated improvements upon it.

The A380i looks very much like the iPhone and it performs all of the functions that you love about the iPhone. It has a high resolution 3.0 inch touch screen, a built in digital camera, built in Bluetooth, a built in video camera and player, and MP3 / MP4 players. The clone does not require any software. It can automatically read any sim card.

The A380i has tacked on many improvements to the iPhone. For example, CECT noticed that many customers were carrying around two cell phones and were using two cell phone numbers -- (typically one for personal calls and one for business). So the company decided to put a dual sim on this clone so that you could have two numbers in one phone. You don't need to turn off the phone for this feature to work. The phone also works fine with only one sim if you do not have the need for this feature.

The A390i also improves upon the iPhone by adding a removable battery. You won't need to take the phone to the dealer when the battery goes dead. CECT understood that customers do not want to be dependent on the manufacturer for basic maintenance. CECT has also added additional speakers and surround sound.

You do not need to try and hack this clone if you don't want to use AT&T's expensive service. It has a slide unlock feature that lets you unlock the phone by merely sliding your hand. Once unlocked, you can use this phone with any carrier you chose.

The most innovative feature and the one that receives the most attention is the shake feature. When you want to change any media (songs, wall paper or photos), you just shake the phone to advance the media. You don't need to scroll or look down.

Additionally, the A380 has an expandable memory via micro SD cards. The iPhone does not have this technology.

This clone is already well priced at about $150, sometimes lower. This is a very fair price for the cutting edge technology and features CECT packs into one tiny smartphone.

The best way to evaluate the CECT A380i is through video. Please visit the CECT A380i Product Review Website by clicking here. You'll see video, photos, specifications and the best pricing on this awesome phone.

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