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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Becoming a Biscuit Manufacturer

By Abigail Paul

Setting up a manufacturing unit that caters to eatable items is a tough one. There are a lot of minute details you have to pay attention towards. If you want to become a biscuit manufacturer and dream of your business becoming a successful one, then read on to know certain important factors that affect the running of a biscuit manufacturing unit so that you can avoid committing mistakes.

It is always advisable to purchase an existing business rather than starting completely on your own. It is difficult to overcome all challenges that arise when you start a business from scratch.

So, look for a well established going concern business which has the potential to survive in the market for long and also has the scope for innovation and development in future.

The first thing you have to find out is whether you want to buy an individual firm or a franchise?

DO you have enough funds for the business you want to buy?

From where are you going to get your business financed?

How will you build up an efficient support system out of the existing employees?

Are they enough or you need to recruit more?

Build up effective communication among all the staff members so that the laborers can be given clear directions for work.

Cater to all the legal requirements in proper terms so as to avoid government interventions later. There are many a kinds of government rules and regulations to be followed for your biscuit manufacturing factory.

Firstly, you need to get a license for setting up a unit at a suitable place. So, when you buy an existing firm check for that license from the previous owner. This license is the permit to run your business on that land and building.

The next thing is to prepare all the necessary legal documents which include transfer of ownership, registration etc.

Make a list of chemical formulations you would make use of while carrying out the required manufacturing operations.

The other important thing is to carry out the quality check of the material that is being used. You should use good quality material and latest technology to produce maximum output at a minimum cost.

Find out information about the standard norms to be attributed with the products. Once you have gained the required knowledge, make sure you get the necessary quality and security certificate for your products.

Decide for the kind of biscuits you want to produce and services you want to give to wholesalers, who would buy goods from you in large quantities. You can offer special discounts and free gifts to your clients.

Free samples can be used to advertise your products. Make sure you advertise well for your products so that you can attract more and more customers.

Make required changes gradually.

Once you are able to ponder about all these things, I believe you are ready to take on the tough job of starting the business operations and taking your business to new heights.

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