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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slow Windows 7 - Four Free Ways to Make Your Slow Windows Operating System Run Like a Car

By Janson Huang

"Why is my Windows 7 slowing down?" Most of the computer users ask this question again and again. It is a quite frustrating problem for all Windows users. However, it is necessary for you to learn some simple ways to take care of your computer on your own. The following special tips will help you fix your slow Windows 7.

1. Install a good Security program.

Obviously, normal antivirus software usually takes more computer resources to stop virus attack. Therefore, you have to speed much time to start up or shut down your computer. You will find that the Windows 7 system is performing like a turtle.

2. Defragment the fragments on your hard disk.

As a matter of fact, when you install and remove programs from your hard disk, the Windows data is scattered all over the hard drives in pieces. That means your operating system has to spend a long time loading the data on your computer. This slows the Windows 7 system down in every process. Defragment the fragment on drives can speed up the data access time. Also, it can make your computer run quickly.

3.Disable some Windows services.

Windows 7 as a new operating system, has too many Windows services which are activated in your computer. Even though some of the services are really needed to run on your PC, they are automatically enabled and take up a lot of resources of the computer so that Windows 7 runs slow.

If you want to speed up your PC, you can disable these Windows services.

4. Repair Windows registry errors.

The Windows registry controls all the actions that the pc does. Whenever you install or delete the programs and files, an entry of this process is created into the Windows registry. After a period of time, these unstable entries will make the registry errors. At this moment, you will get a slow Windows 7 system, which runs like an old man. If you would like to have a stable operating system, you can use a superior registry cleaner to scan and remove the Windows registry entries with ease.

If your computer runs too slow and you don't want to reinstall your system, the best solution for fixing slow Windows 7 is that you can click here to download the registry tool to boost your computer performance. I am definitely sure that your pc will immediately run faster.


Ricky said...

Informative read regards slow windows performance. As my experience the major cause of a computers slow performance can be traced to the windows registry. The registry serves as a storage of all the settings and information of a computer. Thanks for sharing such information with us.

Thanks & Regards
UPS Software

Yen Yen said...

You're welcome.