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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Got Office Printing Needs? Try Lexmark Optra E450 Printer

By Ben Pate

There needs to be cost-effective efficiency when it comes to small businesses. They cannot take the time to work on their order and then run to a print shop. A home office needs reliable computers and a reliable printer that can handle all print jobs that are thrown its way. For this kind of professional business, the Lexmark Optra E450 printer in combination with the top-notch Lexmark Optra E450 toner cartridge is one of the best choices.

Printers are usually taken for granted until they fall apart, break down, or do not perform as well as the user might want them to perform. When it comes to this printer, be prepared to take it for granted, as it will not disappoint. Need to print a range of documents, such as transparencies or maybe PowerPoint presentations? Well, this thing can do it all.

The Lexmark Optra E450 is a black and white laser printer that makes professional grade material. It does this with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. DPI refers to the dots per square inch of melted toner. The more dots per square inch, the better the picture as it will be able to create cleaner, crisper shapes. In combination with the 64MG of RAM, a business will be prepared for just about anything.

In the digital age, everyone wants things done with the click of a button. To stay afloat as a small business, the business needs to be quick, quick, quick and print at top speeds like the 400 MHz speed that the Optra E450 provides. Thirty pages a minute is a good speed and then when it is combined with the quality that it prints at these speeds, a user is ready to make some business.

The Optra E450 has good networking capabilities as well. This is especially useful in a small business, as it would usually have maybe four or five people all pounding away on computers, all needing to print at around the same time. When the printer has networking capabilities, the office won't need four or five printers, but just one printer that can organize all the work orders and print them out efficiently.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work technology these days. Luckily, the Optra E450 is not a hard-to-use printing instrument and the panel display is actually quite easy to navigate. Of course, we all get snagged on something from time to time and for that, the printer offers a built-in tutorial. Easy-to-use top-notch technology helps small businesses to keep doing efficient business.

When an office has a few different people printing on a network printer, there needs to be a decent amount of paper in the printer so that someone does not have to reload every five minutes. The Optra E450 has a paper tray that can hold 250 sheets. If that is not enough, there is an add-on second tray to bring the total to 800 pages. Every single one of those 800 pages will be the same professional grade quality.

Now, what helps allow the Lexmark Optra E450 printer make such high quality material is the Lexmark Optra E450 toner cartridge. Loaded with plenty of laser toner to print thousands upon thousands of pages, businesses will probably forget that it does not last forever. With this in mind, it would not be a bad idea to have a few Lexmark Optra cartridges on the bench waiting to get called in when that time comes. Until then, though, a small business will never need to tell this printer to hustle as by the time the words are said, the job will be done.


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