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Monday, January 25, 2010

How to Attract and Inspire More Customers to Your Business

By Gail Gibson

How do you market your business? What methods do you use? Perhaps you like to participate online on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace. Or do you blog daily or produce a regular online newsletter? Maybe you are more traditional in your approach, choosing to advertise in local magazines and newspapers, send direct mail letters, or cold call potential customers?

Whatever style you choose to market your business to a wider audience are you achieving success? Are you not only driving traffic to your website or business, but also converting that traffic into new customers?

The concept of AIDA could prove to be the answer to your marketing prayers. What is AIDA? Developed as a sales and marketing tool in the 1950's, the acronym AIDA is a four step process; relevant and consistent (still) to all successful forms of communication. It is a process to generate a response each time you buy or sell.

The four steps are Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Let's take a look at each step and how it can help you improve how you market your business.

1. Attention - Make an Impact

This sets the tone for your message. Think about how you attract customers. Do you inspire them enough to ask themselves this question - What's In It For Me (WIIFM)? Your aim is to encourage them to want to go further; to find out more. Grab attention in an email headline or strap line on your brochure.

Today, due to competition, people having less time and spam emails, it is much harder to keep your reader's attention. Make yours stand out and create a great first impression.

2. Interest - Build a Rapport

How long do you have to create interest? Between 5 and 15 seconds. Make your copy relevant and continue in the WIIFM style. Share the advantages or benefits of your product or service i.e. to improve concentration, make you feel better, help you lose weight, be better organised - the list is endless. Make them want more - elicit an emotional response, "I want to own..." or "This can help me..." Be clear and point out what you can do for them.

3. Desire - Position Yourself

Such a powerful word meaning to yearn, to crave, and to need. Create a desire or need for your reader by demonstrating your uniqueness. Consider why they need your product or service, what sets you apart from other businesses, or how your business can make a difference to a customer. By doing this you will build trust and credibility, helping to grow and sustain your business.

4. Action - Ask for the Business

And finally, make it happen. Give your reader a clear call to action i.e. Call Now or Limited Offer. Make sure you provide simple and easy instructions about how to order, who to call, or where to email. Why? Because often we read but we don't act. Don't expect your reader to finish reading then automatically buy from you.

Remember - Narrow your Position to Broaden your Opportunities.

Gail Gibson
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