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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Handheld Ebook Reader - Kindle DX Portable Ebook Reader

By Souvik Chanda

The latest version of Amazon's celebrated handheld ebook reader is the Amazon Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device. This model is an improvement of the earlier versions of the Kindle handheld ebook reader with a 9.7'' digital display. Some of the best features of the new Kindle DX are -

  • Sleek and Trim - The new Amazon Kindle DX handheld eBook reader is only a third of an inch in thickness.
  • Beautiful Large Display - With a screen size like never before (9.7"), the new Kindle DX supports a broad range of reading material including graphic books, magazines, newspapers and blogs.
  • Auto-Rotating Screen - The reading area auto-rotates when you rotate the device and seamlessly changes from landscape to portrait and vice versa.
  • Built in PDF Reader - With the ever increasing popularity and usage of pdf documents, this device has a built in pdf reader.
  • Huge Storage - Stores up to 3,500 of your favorite books.
  • Read to Me Feature - It's brilliant built in text to speech feature lets the device read out the story when you do not feel like reading it yourself.
  • Adjustable Text Size - The text size can be adjusted for easy readability.
  • Dictionary and Reference - There is a built in dictionary and wireless access to Wikipedia for your reference while reading.
  • Paper like Screen - The feel of the screen is not like a monitor but like a paper page. See it to believe!
  • Global Wireless access to the Kindle Store - Browse and buy books right from your device through it's wireless connectivity.

On top of the features mentioned above, there is a host of several other built in cool features like wireless access to over 400,000 books, newspapers, magazines and blogs full image zoom etc.

If you like reading or if you are a gadget enthusiast, you could very well want to have your own handheld ebook reader. For more more information, visit the link - Handheld eBook Reader.


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