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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes Review

If you have problems with previously digital video camera/camcorder such as

  • picture quality (lighting)
  • use bulky battery charger, losing cords/memory cards, mess with disks/tapes
  • heavy, not user friendly,
  • don't fully understand their complex and massive camcorder
  • need a whole carrying case then you can consider buying this Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) as many customers highly recommended.


  • The Flip Video Ultra Series has two major parts i.e. the camera and the capability to manipulate and move the videos.
  • It also comes with TV connector cable, batteries, wrist strap and velvet drawstring case that are perfect to prevent any dirt or scratches on the lens or LCD screen.
  • Price and Quality: Flip Video Ultra Series is an excellent quality and inexpensive convenience product from Amazon with four favorite colors (white, orange, black, pink).
  • Durable: The customers that have been using this Flip Video Ultra Series for about a year never have a problem with it.
  • Size: Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorderis a little highly portable video recorder for casual use. The dimensions are only 1.2 x 2.2 x 4.2 inches and the weigh is 7.2 ounces, it's very light.

  • Portable: Flip Video Ultra Series is easily fit into your pocket and carries as a cell phone to capture the special moments wherever you go.
  • User friendly: A tripod socket on the bottom is good for those that have trouble holding the Flip Video Ultra Series steady.
  • Easy to Use: The Quick Start Guide can be read in 5 minutes then you will be able to use this camera. However, the end users especially senior citizens must have solid basic knowledge of installing software and file transfer.
  • Recording time: With 2 GB flash drive (built-in memory) the Flip Video Ultra Series will record up to 60min (1 hour) and no memory card.
  • Designed for everyone: It's suitable for bloggers, artists, travelers, amateur filmmakers, lecturers, parents, students and everyone. Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) also a most memorable and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.
  • Record all your favorite moments: Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, holiday, BBQ, graduation, interview, video project, music concert, and other activities


  • Flip Video Ultra Series is powered by two AA Duracell batteries (included with the camera) and easy to be installed.
  • It's well designed and highly resistant to accidental opening.
  • Good battery life.

    Image Quality

  • The image quality of Flip Video Ultra Series is remarkably good resolution (640 x 480 VGA), no little pixel smudges.
  • Exposure capability is excellent, for outdoors, from a sunny with wide contrasts to the rain/dark conditions, or indoor shots with decent light such as in the restaurant.


  • The actual lens of Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) is recessed and protected by either a glass or plastic cover. It shows no susceptibility to being easily scratched. However, if it appears held in place by a metal fitting and the lens cover becomes damaged, I'm sure it could be replaced.
  • On the back of the Flip Video Ultra Series is a 1.5" transfective screen that you can see even in quite bright daylight.

    Audio Quality

  • The sound quality of Flip Video Ultra Series is excellent for recording voices.
  • The built-in microphone is sensitive. It will pick up and record nearby voices even whispers without distortion and it won't pick up too much background noise.
  • In a very loud environment, the mike captured both highs and lows surprisingly well.

    Recording, Playback and Delete the Video:

  • Start up time from turn on to recording is only 2-4 seconds.
  • It's easily to set a time and date to the gadget when initially start it up then each video automatically has the date as the initial name.
  • One button for record/stop prevents accidental starting and stopping.
  • If you have problems with the red button, use the tip of your thumbnail to press it. Flip Video support said the record button is being redesigned for future models so that this problem is no longer.
  • The play button is on the left of the 4-way and delete button is on the right.


  • You can zoom in and out by pressing the + (plus) on top of the red button and - (minus) signs on top of and below the red button.
  • It has only 2x digital zoom, so you have to close to the subject but not too close up the detail such as words/logos, it will get the various degrees of blurry.

    Video Editing Built-in Software

  • The new version of Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) software has been updated on December 21, 2007 with no issues.
  • The simple Flip Video Ultra Series software is able to do some minor editing, file organization, download clips into the computer, crop beginning/end, upload clips to the web/email, string clips together to make a longer movie and make photos from videos. Also, included a "Help" feature.

    You can also convert video files, watching your videos on TV as well as on the computer, quick emailing the video, DVDs made, and publish online to YouTube, AOL video, personal site, or any video sharing website and share them instantly with your family and friends.

    Flip Video customer support will take care of any problems.

  • Phone support is 24/7 and they will answer the phone within a minute or two.
  • If you email them, you will receive a response after a few hours. You can also read other product review about Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes.

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