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Monday, February 9, 2009

7 Top Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Laptop Memory

By Pinky Mcbanon

As a serious computer user, you may always be in pursuit of extracting better performance from your computer and may not balk at spending money on upgrading your computer components in order to maximize performance. When you are a laptop owner trying to tweak the performance, you may find that your options are limited in comparison with the owner of a Desktop Personal Computer, due to the limited upgrade potential offered by laptops.

Why should one choose laptop memory over other hardware components that could be considered for upgrading? Here are the reasons why -

1.    Significant Performance Improvement - An increase in the memory available in your laptop through an upgrade can make programs run faster and increase the number of programs that can run simultaneously by utilizing the extra available memory. This visible improvement in performance is a desirable development.

2.    Processor Faster - A memory module of higher capacity or higher speed or possibly, both can help your processor make faster data access, and give an improved processor performance.

3.    New Hardware - Some new hardware may require larger memory and upgrading laptop memory can enable you to use the functionality of new 4.    New Software - You could install and run software packages requiring more memory on your laptop, a step that could significantly improve your productivity professionally or academically.

5.    Gaming - If you run games on your laptop, upgrading memory is a good way of obtaining a better gaming experience as games can be very memory intensive and the more the memory, the better the game engine can run.

6.    Audio & Video - Audio and video applications can also benefit from the upgraded memory capabilities and deliver a better listening and viewing experience.

7.    Improved Surfing - Surfing the Internet would be a better experience as the upgraded memory capacity, coupled with network speed would cut down delays in viewing web pages and dropouts in case of streaming media.

Ms. Pinky is a Computer Support Specialist for more than 25 years. Has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering, MS Research work in Systems Engineering.

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