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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Traveling With The Garmin Rino 520 GPS In Hand

Before going on a long trip, it is best to pack all the essentials that should include the road map. But since it is very inconvenient to keep looking at it and at the same time looking at the road, perhaps something better should be brought along. This device which can be attached to the windshield and will do all the calculating is called the GPS.

GPS or global positioning satellite has been around for years. Instead of just picking any brand off the display shelf, one name that has proven itself and is used even by the military is Garmin.

Garmin has developed a lot of GPS devices through the years. One of the best is the Rino 520 which can tell exactly where the user is and how far are the others members of the team. This is convenient when driving along the freeway in a convoy or hiking through the woods.

The display of this device is in bold colors unlike others that are still using black and white. Customers who buy this will get some preprogrammed maps of certain parts of North and South America. In order to get a more detailed look of the place where you are going, this can be uploaded into the system that has 56MB in its hard drive by downloading it from the Internet.

Another important feature of the Garmin Rino 520 is its ability to make the user plan the trip. There are different ways to get from point A to point B and this can be customized to avoid traffic prone areas thus allowing the driver to take alternate routes with ease.

Those who need to eat, stretch their legs or fill up the tank can use it to look for motels and gas stations that happen to be along the way.

The RINO 520 has a built in two way radio enabling the user to call for help up to a 14-mile radius. It will work for up to 14 hours before its battery has to be recharged which is more than enough time for help to pinpoint the location and provide emergency assistance.

It is one thing to read about this GPS unit and it is another to try it first hand. This is being sold for $482 so those who want the best but don't want to overspend should go out and buy the device.

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