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Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Clean LCD Screens

By Titus Hoskins

LCD screens are commonly found in laptops, PDAs, iPods
and high definition TVs. If you look around your home,
you will probably see 5 or more of these screens in your
presence. They are everywhere!

However, anyone who owns any type of LCD screen knows
there is one minor problem with them. These screens or
displays gather dust and dirt like there is no tomorrow.
Just within a few weeks of purchasing your once pristine
LCD screen, it starts picking up lint, dust particles,
and smudges -- ruining your full enjoyment of this
technical marvel.

Once you see your favorite LCD screen picking up a
bit of dust, you immediately grab a tissue or paper
towel and some water to clean it. DON'T! Or you will
made a big mistake and you could possibly even do
permanent damage to your delicate LCD screen.

LCD screens are not like ordinary monitor screens. LCD
screens are NOT GLASS, rather they are made up of a
soft film that can easily be damaged by harsh paper
towels and the chloride and other chemicals in ordinary
tap water. These screens are very delicate, they must
be handled with care and very, very gently.

You must proceed with caution if you want to keep all
your LCD screens in perfect mint condition. This is
one case where a little knowledge could save you a
whole lot of trouble and disappointment.

The history of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) goes back
over a hundred years. It was first mentioned by Otto
Lehmann in 1904. The first operational LCD was made
by RCA in 1968. Each display is made up of countless
pixels, with light being filtered through them in a
controlled manner. Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) is a
form of LCDs which uses an active matrix to improve
image quality. LCD technology has found its way into
countless displays in laptops, PDAs, and high
definition TVs. (Source -

LCD Screen Cleaning Tips

Most experts suggest you can use a cleaning solution
of 50% distilled water and 50% isopropyl (rubbing alcohol).
You should use a soft cloth such as an old cotton T-shirt
or handkerchief. Don't use paper towels, tissues, or
ordinary dish cloths, as harsh cloths may damage the
soft surface of an LCD screen.

Shut down any devices before cleaning them. Inspect the
screen very carefully to take note of any special areas
that need to be cleaned. Don't spray any cleaning solution
directly onto the screen but rather dampen your large
cleaning cloth with your solution and apply very gentle
pressure, cleaning the display in a circular motion.

Don't apply any hard pressure or touch the screen with
your fingertips. It has been suggested you think of the
screen as a smooth baby's bottom and give it the same
kind of care as you would give an enfant's delicate

Make sure you let the screen thoroughly dry before turning
your device back on. You should now have a perfectly
cleaned screen ready for your full viewing enjoyment
once again.

Word of Caution - you should always check your owner's
manual or the manufacturer for the recommended cleaning
method for your particular LCD TV or Laptop Screen.

You should also note, commercial LCD cleaning kits are
very inexpensive. These cleaning kits will have everything
your need to clean your LCD screen. Most will have a
Microfiber Cloth or Chamois that are excellent for picking
up dust and removing fingerprints and smudges. A can of
Compressed Air is also handy for removing dust from
your screen and from those hard to reach places.

There are also stronger cleaning solutions to remove
ink markings just in case your small child has confused
your expensive laptop for an itch-a-sketch toy and created
a modern masterpiece. Ouch!

Some commercial cleaning formulas may contain the same
mixture as the home-made one mentioned above, but newer
cleaning solutions are alcohol and ammonia-free. Some have
an anti-static coating that will help reduce the build up
of dust particles. It would probably be wise to pick up
one of these cleaning kits if you own a lot of LCD screens.
You can also purchase single wipes and cleaners for traveling.

What ever route you take, or cleaning formula you use,
just remember to treat all your LCD screens with a whole
lot of respect. Be gentle, be careful and be diligent.
Make sure you clean all your LCD screens when the need arises.
That way you will go on enjoying all your perfect pristine
LCD screens for years to come.

For other handy LCD cleaning tips and all the materials you need to clean LCD screens go here: How To Clean LCD Screens To learn how to clean a laptop LCD screen try here: How To Clean Laptop Screen Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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