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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Selling Electronics and Appliances at Garage Sales

Electronics and appliances will usually bring more money than items such as clothes and trinkets. Focusing on these items will bring you more money for your effort. Following some easy tips will make your garage sale a successful one.

Firstly, you will want to promote the fact you have a good supply of electronics and appliances. People will not know unless you tell them. Make a sheet on the computer describing all the electronics and appliances you have available, with prices for each one. Try to make the price sheet as visually appealing as possible. People like cute things at garage sales. Making it simple but cute will be the most effective. You will need to disclose whether each one is working and the condition it is in. Having this information readily available will help you concentrate on other things without having to price each item as it sells. If you have an idea of what you want for the item, the chances of it actually selling increases.

Find out which appliances or electronics to sell. You will not want to be confronted with an angry relative for selling their computer they had important documents on. Even though it did not look as they were using it, it may very well had important pictures and documents residing on it. Always remember that you will not get what you originally paid for appliances and electronics. Computers in particular decrease in value quickly. A good idea would be to visit other garage sales in your area before yours takes place to get a feel for what things are selling for. You may also want to visit online auction sites to see what they sell for on there. This will give you a good idea of the value. Always remember to clean your items. Be sure they are free of dust, dirt and grime.

If you saved the boxes and instruction manuals for your electronics, it would be a good idea to pull them out. People will appreciate and would be willing to pay more for something that is perceived as newer. It is all about perception in selling. Of course, if it is broken, a shiny new box is not going to help the sale any. If it looks like you took care of the item by keeping the box, people will be more inclined to not only buy the product, but perhaps pay more for it. If you have the box and the item is priced right, you have a winning combination.

David Pierce is owner of Garage Sale Riches A website all about garage sales and the best ways to have one.

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