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Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Find Out If a Number Is From a Landline or a Cell Phone

Sometimes, discovering whether or not a phone number belongs to a landline or cell phone can be important information you would like to know. Why?

Let's say a friend or relative has given you their phone number, but hasn't specified the type of phone the number they gave to you belongs. Depending on what type of phone the number is connected to may help you decide when the best time to call them would be, as well as determine how long you should talk with them. For instance, if the phone number you were given is a landline number and you know that your friend or relative has small children, it may not be appropriate to call them and disturb their home after a certain hour, especially if people are sleeping.

On the other hand, if the phone number belongs to a cellular phone, you may want to call them in the evening and keep conversations brief out of consideration, as you might not know what type of plan they have and wouldn't want to risk the person having to pay an additional fee for casual chitchat. Finding out if a phone number belongs to a landline or cellular phone may also be important to you if you are receiving frequent calls from an unknown number, as this information may help you better focus your search in identifying the caller.

Nevertheless, regardless of your reasons for wanting to investigate the type of phone associated with a phone number, you will find that a reverse phone number lookup service can help you. That being said, it is imperative that you keep in mind not all reverse phone number lookups will include cell phone numbers in their database. Therefore, you need to find a website that includes both landline/wire line and cellular numbers in their search results.

Once you find a site, simply enter in the full phone number (area code and 7-digit number) you wish to lookup and search. Since you are only interested in finding out the type of phone the number belongs to, you should have no problem obtaining this information for free, regardless of the phone type. If the website you are using does not provide this information, choose another site to conduct your search to find out more about a phone number because the information can be obtained at no cost.

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