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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

USB Pen Drives

By Victor Thomas

While working on the PC, at times need arises to transfer data from one PC to the other PC in different place. This requires an external storage media to save the contents and then transfer it to another system. Previously floppy discs and CDs were used for this purpose and are still being used. However, Floppies can hold only very little amount of data in them and CDs need a CD writer in the PC, to burn the contents into it. Since CD writers may not be available in all the systems, it was a bit difficult to use. This marked the entry of USB Pen Drives. Small, light-weighted, easy to handle and quick to use, USB pen drives are a real boon to the technological field.

A USB pen drive is a small device that is used to transfer data between two PCs with the help of USB port. They are available in a wide range of looks and capacities. Starting from as low as 32MB they can go up to 1GB, 2GB and the latest one being 7GB! This gives an idea of the vastness of data that can be stored in a pen drive. It is very useful and since it is light weighted, it fits perfectly anywhere, right from a handbag to a persons' pocket even. Since it resembles a pen, the name Pen drive. Some also come with other facilities attached to it, like MP3 player, which adds to the many uses of the pen drives!

Using a Pen drive is very simple as well. A USB port is provided in almost all of the PCs and laptops available now. It is connected to the USB port, which is provided usually behind the CPU. If it is difficult to keep removing and re-connecting the pen drive always, a docking bay can be connected to the CPU, which would be long enough and easy for the USB pen drive to be connected. After the drive is linked to the PC from where data has to be transferred, the PC screen shows the information that a new hardware is found. When My Computer section of the PC is opened, a new drive is seen. Here the data that has to be transferred can be saved. Once it is done, the small icon on the screen has to be clicked and Exit has to be pressed. This gives a message that it is safe to disconnect the drive. Once this message comes, the drive can be removed.

Similarly to transfer the data into the other PC, the USB is connected and once the new drive appears in My Computer section, the data is saved into the PC. Thus large capacity of data can be transferred at a faster rate.

Pen drives are dust-proof, shock-free and weighs very less when compared to the other external storage media. They also are very fast in transferring data and get ready for work quite soon. USB pen drive is the most convenient and fastest way to transfer data between computers. What more, with no moving parts and batteries in them, they are cost effective as well.

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