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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Conference Phones - Enhancing Interpersonal Communication and Strengthening Business

By Boogie Warwick

For a business to thrive, it needs internal and external communication to handle marketing and branding strategies, ways to improve customer relations, researching on trends of consumer behavior, employee engagement, and other topics and issues that need to be dealt with to keep abreast with the times. Communication - always being a two-way process where there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas - needs to be delivered with good quality. This is why business transactions are made on a personal level by meeting in person with others on a set location that is more than often inconvenient for one or both parties. Conference phones are the best collaborating tools that maintain and promote effective business communications without having to risk inconvenience.

Both internal and external communication are essential in keeping a business in the game, with the former focusing on relationships within the business, and the latter focusing on outward relationships with business partners and customers. Effective internal business communications keep a business intact through the avoidance of fostering distrust or hostility among employees, and the smooth and thorough development of strategies to ensure the company's profit and that business is as usual, or more so, better. External communication is even more important, because it is a way of establishing the reputation of the business to prospect partners and customers. Polycom, known worldwide for being ahead in developing systems for unified communication and collaboration, brings simple conferencing and videoconferencing technologies to ensure productive dispatches in businesses, whether internally or externally.

Polycom conference phones, depending on the model and technology utilized, may be capable of conference calls or videoconferencing, and could cater to conference rooms that are able to handle up to six, sixteen, or thirty-two people. Conference calls allow the called party to participate during the call, or may be set up to only allow the called party to only listen to the call. Videoconferencing, meanwhile, allows two ore more locations to communicate on live, two-way video and audio transmissions.

Polycom's small conference phones like the VoiceStation 300 is perfect for those working from an office desk and is also designed for a small conference room that can accommodate six people within two-meter range. The SoundStation2, another model, is fit for small to medium conference rooms that could seat up to sixteen people. Yet another model is the SoundStation VTX 100, has an unparalleled room coverage of up to thirty-two people. All these models have advanced noise-reduction and a clear 360-degree room coverage, with distances ranging from two to three meters. Polycom also has different wireless conference phone units for easier transfer of conferences from one room to another, and for better room coverage. All these conference phones are perfect for inter-departmental meetings within a company without having to congest in one conference room, and instead they can communicate from various floors or locations within their building.

Videoconferencing, which makes use of telepresence, is a better technology than auditory communication that conference phones are limited to. Telepresence makes a person or a group of people feel as if they were present at a location other than their true location. This remarkable advancement allows users to see others' positions, actions, and gestures, and at the same time clearly hear their voices and tones in accord with these movements. HDX 9000 is one of Polycom's models that uses telepresence. This technology is perfect for communicating with business partners who are working on a different location.

In partnership with Polycom, Discount Conference Phones offers conference and videoconference capable models online for accessibility of Australian business men, in particular, on further information in buying Polycom conference phones. With the above upgrades on business communications, there is no need to meet for business persons to meet with business partners in locations unfamiliar to one or both parties, or for different department heads within a business to congest in one conference room. Polycom has the solution in promoting interpersonal external and internal relationships in a business, and consequently keeping the business alive.

About the author: Boogie Warwick is a telecommunications expert who believes in the importance of conference phones. Discount Conference Phones is an online store that specializes in providing businesses with affordable, top class and highly functional Polycom Conference Phones.

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