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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using an Off Line UPS Battery Backup and APC UPS Backup Battery Tester to Protect Data

By Elliott Turner

Any business or any home office needs to have a UPS battery backup system running from day one in order to protect the business's data and make sure that service isn't interrupted.  For businesses that deal in telecommunications or other industries where continual service is the core of what the business offers to customers having a high quality UPS battery backup is essential. Besides the backup system itself, every business should have at least one ups battery tester that can make sure that the system is running on full power and is ready to go at anytime you may need it.  Businesses can choose from one of three different kinds of backup supplies.  It doesn't matter what type of system a business chooses as long as it fits the application they need it for.  

The ups battery tester should always be used regularly to make sure that the UPS system is functioning and is ready to go when needed.  An offline UPS battery backup system stays dormant until the power goes out and then it instantly turns on and redirects its own battery power to the original source to protect data and keep your critical systems online.  Businesses can save money by using an offline system since it doesn't do anything until the power actually goes off.  However, since the unit will probably just sit until there is a power shortage, it is even more important to use an offline battery tester to actually test the batteries inside the UPS system itself.  After all the batteries are the most important part of your system.   Sitting around for a long time means that if something is wrong with the unit or if the battery is not holding a charge then no one will know that until the critical moment when the power is needed and by then it will be too late.

Using an offline UPS battery backup can be a more economical option for businesses than using an online or line-interactive UPS battery backup through their entire location, so it makes sense that most small businesses or start up businesses go for an offline UPS battery backup system at first.  Remember it is very important to have your battery backup system tested regularly and this is something you can do in house or sub out to a testing company.  Regular testing of the system should be done according to a schedule.  A smart and simple way to keep track is to write on a calendar each date that the backup system should be tested and then when the battery tester has finished the testing process that person can make a big red "X" through the date so it's clear when the test was done.

Battery Tester Info: For more information on recommended ups battery health evaluation methods and what type of battery tester will work for your application, visit the Battery Research Center


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